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New JumpCross Dates at Broadhalls Farm

Press Release

THE team at Broadhalls Farm, Chagford near Newton Abbott in Devon have announced new training dates for 2011 and some exciting new changes to the JumpCross course so why not join in and have a go?

JumpCross is the equestrian discipline sweeping the nation, combining the excitement of cross-country with the accuracy of show jumping.

It is an excellent way of training both horse and rider in the art of cross country riding, and is suitable for all ages and abilities.

Don’t miss out, get involved, have a go!

JumpCross Training Dates:
30th April
28th May,
25th June,
23rd July,
27th August,
24th September,
29th October

Training outside these dates can also be arranged including Pony Club and Riding Club bookings or private lessons.

For more information contact JumpCross headquarters on (01780) 782356 or visit www.jumpcross.com


For more information contact Tim Smith at TSM on 01724 784600.

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