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Exciting New JumpCross Site Launches In Aberdeenshire

CALLING all riders in the Aberdeenshire-area wanting to have a go at the exciting sport of JumpCross!

A new JumpCross site is set to launch on July 3 at Ardmedden Equestrian, Ardmedden, Oldmeldrum, Aberdeenshire, thanks to the vision of Maureen Elrick and Andrew Simmers.

JumpCross is the exciting, challenging equestrian discipline and a true cross country sport.

It provides an excellent way of training both horse and rider in the art of cross country riding, and is suitable for all ages and abilities.

The course at Oldmeldrum runs over 20 acres and provides riders with a wonderful experience with undulating ground, a water splash and water complex forming part of the course.

Said Maureen: “We are very excited about the launch of JumpCross in the Aberdeenshire area and hope that riders across the region will come along and support us in our efforts.

“We have a wonderful, natural setting here at Oldmeldrum for the sport of JumpCross with the land providing plenty of hills and hollows throughout the course.”

Whilst still remaining a true cross-country discipline JumpCross is great for improving confidence and ability in both horse and rider.

Many riders feel daunted at the prospect of riding across country, jumping fixed obstacles with JumpCross providing the answer.

To train or compete in JumpCross requires focus, skill and balance in order to jump the obstacles cleanly and safely.

Progressive training sessions run for approximately two hours and are open to all ages and abilities, headed by accredited JumpCross Instructors.

They are offered to encourage those new to the sport to ‘test the waters’ and those committed to coming regularly to competition days to constantly improve their performance.

To book a place on the training session as part of the launch day contact Maureen on (01651) 872202 or 07711 623665, email ardmeddenhorsemanship@hotmail.co.uk or visit the facebook page at Ardmedden Equestrian and Natural Horse Training.

To find your nearest JumpCross site or for more information please contact JumpCross Headquarters on (01780) 782356 or visit www.jumpcross.com.


For further information please contact Tim Smith at TSM on 01724 784600