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Make a Date with JumpCross for 2011

Whether a seasoned competitor, nervous rider coming back to jumping after injury, bringing on a young horse or just looking for something more stimulating - JumpCross is for you.

JumpCross is the equestrian discipline sweeping the nation, combining the excitement of cross-country with the accuracy of show jumping.

JumpCross headquarters at Grange Farm, Wittering, near Peterborough will be hosting training and competition days throughout the year for both experienced JumpCross competitors and those new to this exciting sport and training method.

It is an excellent way of training both horse and rider in the art of cross country riding, and is suitable for all ages and abilities.

Don’t miss out, get involved, have a go! The new season’s JumpCross training and events have been announced.

JumpCross 2011

Saturday 12th March - Training
Saturday 19th March - Competition
Saturday 9th April - Training
Saturday 16th April - Competition
Saturday 14th May - Training
Saturday 21st May - Competition
Tuesday 21st June - Lincoln Celebrity JumpCross Challenge
Saturday 16th July - Competition
Saturday 13th August - Training
Saturday 10th September - Training
Saturday 17th September - Competition
Saturday 15th October - Training
Saturday 22nd October - National JumpCross Championships

For more information contact JumpCross headquarters on(01780) 782356 or visit www.jumpcross.com

For further information please contact Tim Smith at TSM on (01724) 784600.