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May Monthly Members Competition


Monthly Prize

Nicole Edgar, Kerry Dean and Sarah Ray all win one bag of Topspec Lite

TopSpec Lite

TopSpec Lite is the ultimate low calorie feed balancer designed for horses and ponies that need their weight controlled.

These are usually good-doers that may be overweight and it is very important that this group of horses and ponies receive their full requirement of vitamins and minerals.

TopSpec Lite provides a generous amount of these micronutrients in a small amount of exceptionally low-calorie feed.

The feed balancer will help maintain excellent health and performance whilst improving hoof quality and promoting supple skin and a shiny coat.

Long-term trials have shown that horses and ponies on restricted/poor grazing do not gain any additional weight when fed TopSpec Lite.

The unique 'NoGrain' formula is low in sugar and starch and is 'non-heating'.

Lite can be conveniently fed straight from the hand.

To compensate for the limited amount of nutrients well-furnished horses often consume, TopSpec Lite has the added benefits of several supplements.

These include an effective hoof improvement supplement and a broad spectrum supplement including powerful anti-oxidants to neutralise free-radicals and help maintain a healthy immune system. Pure protected yeast has also been added to help maintain a healthy hindgut environment.

Available in 20kg bags, TopSpec Lite has a RRP of £25.95.

For further information contact TopSpec on 01845 565030.

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