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New JumpCross Dates at Brechin Castle Equestrian

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LOOKING forward to the 2011 season – why not have a go at JumpCross?

Brechin Castle Equestrian has announced new training and competition dates for 2011, so why not join in and take part!

JumpCross is the equestrian discipline sweeping the nation, combining the excitement of cross-country with the accuracy of show jumping.

It is an excellent way of training both horse and rider in the art of cross country riding, and is suitable for all ages and abilities.

Don’t miss out, get involved!

JumpCross Dates at Brechin Castle Equestrian:


6th March
21st May
19th June
10th July
28th August
23rd October


20th March
29th May
7th August
25th September
30th October

There is a huge variety of natural obstacles at Brechin Castle such as ditches, water crossings and hills that are all incorporated on the JumpCross course naturally.

The course at Brechin Castle Equestrian aims to provide good practice for those wishing to improve their techniques in cross country, whilst at the same time building confidence in both horse and rider, proving challenging and exciting.

Brechin Castle Equestrian has a great team behind the scenes making sure every event they hold is hopefully successful and that riders go along, learn something new and also have a good time.

For further information on JumpCross please contact Val Blewitt on 07815 986980 or JumpCross Headquarters on (01780) 782356, alternatively visit www.jumpcross.com.


For further information please contact Tim Smith or Emily Border at TSM on (01724) 784600.

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