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Greenfields of Avondale

The JumpCross course at Greenfields of Avondale is a flowing and intriguing design.

Utilising embankments from an old railway network, opening out into the amphitheatre created by the quarry floor, this JumpCross course will offer a stimulating ride to all who attend.

Training and Competitions are available for all ages and abilities. Private tuition available by prior arrangement. Please Contact Nesta Gilliland on 01357 440296, mobile 07775 782296, email nesta@greenfieldsofavondale.co.uk or visit the website at www.greenfieldsofavondale.co.uk


Please contact the Greenfields of Avondale team at:

David & Nesta Gilliland,
Greenfields of Avondale,
Drumclog, Strathaven,
ML10 6QF

Tel: 01357 440296
Mob: 07905 306038 / 07775 782296

Email: nesta@greenfieldsofavondale.co.uk
Website: www.greenfieldsofavondale.co.uk

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JumpCross at Greenfields
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